Outrageous Cat

This is how it started - with glass...

The future meets the past.

By definition, crypto is the future of finance. DeFi and NFTs are all the rage, millions can be made in seconds.

Beach glass, on the other hand, is the epitome of the past arrived today. Taking years to "cook" in the tide, storms, and waves large and small, it is a relic, a leftover, a castaway.

And varied. And rare, in many cases. And valued.

It takes time to scour, and harvest. Each trip out can be a boom or a bust. Weather dependent, and luck of the draw, collecting beach glass is at once sublime and relaxing, while exciting and challenging at every turn. What will your next step show you?

Join us in our journey to find and catalog the best, the most varied, the most desirable - or simply the piece that fits best in your hand.

We will embark on a trip to peace, and profit, by generating NFTs of original, naturally produced, recycled content - what could be greener than celebrating discarded glass? Each piece catalogued and photographed, with the potential for IRL/Physical shipment...enjoy the beauty, then hold it in your hand.

We will issue generations of finds, loose pieces, packaged pieces, glasspunks, and other iterations of bespoke that will keep you guessing, keep you interested, and generate value. One (or maybe 3?) of-a-kind pink glass...legendary blue, epic yellow, uncommon light green, common brown or white. many variations can there be? Custom orders, many possibilities!

Presented in a tasteful, artful way, each piece can be displayed as you like - or transferred to the next owner, with certification of authenticity through the blockchain. Limited quantities will help ensure value over time...







Bespoke - (initially, wire frame characters (glasspunks), more)

Green. Art. Function. Peace. Profit.  Who says you can't have it all?

Ever Evolving Cat

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