Trolls - Community Action at it's Best


Here are the basics*:

Make a Troll, any medium 

Mint anywhere

When you sell, spend at least 50% on someone else's work (if they do #Trolls too that would be awesome)

Use #trolllove #teztrolls #ethtrolls #trolls #trollfun and anything else Troll you can think of on your socials

Simple. Fun. Chill.

*none of this is mandatory, it’s just a way to generate buzz and camaraderie

Your art, your money, your choice - no enrollment, no investment, no tokens, no bureaucracy - just grass roots effort

My collection link is a head start:

More background:

A decentralized approach to community building, artistic motivation, and the joy of helping each other out…I think it's helpful to share, lift each other, cooperate, mingle, discuss. We can be too hidden in our siloes, too insulated from others, we need a rallying point...this is just one idea...

My Concept of Trolls - living under bridges, out of sight...somewhat like creators…

Trolls may live under bridges and in dark places

But they have an active community and support each other daily

They may live alone, but they are never lonely

They are incredibly smart and artistic, and love to share their work...

My idea is to make some/all art public for collabs with artists around the world...I forget who did it a while back, but there was a landmark photography thread that was cool. I thought localized bridges (or other landmarks) might be cool and fun for Troll habitats. Art can be overlays into existing photos, AI, digital paint, traditional mediums, etc...but basically just Trolls being Trolls. I am having fun giving them names and character traits as well…and I have a number of artists in my mind’s eye whom I believe could really apply some awesome technique and imagination!

Where did it start?

I don't know about you guys, but I remember having a bunch of Trolls as a kid - I remember purple, red, and orange hair types specifically. This was them:

I am old like a Troll, so these were some of the OG collectibles for me…long before Tickle Me Elmo, etc.

For more about the Norse mythology around trolls, check out:

No relationship to Dreamworks Trolls, I’ve never seen the movie(s)...


Calling each other out - tag and challenge your friends, they have so much to offer!

Supporting each other via links and purchases

Creating a world of Trolls with attributes as varied as the people around us - and the truly cool thing is that various colors, styles, genres, and even having 6 fingers or toes only add to the panache!

You can start here...where is your troll?

(you can start with one of my no-BG files if you like or remove background from any of mine, paste into a localized shot, or create your own - localized is fun, let’s see Trolls from around the world!)

Create as many as you any medium you choose...

And do one, simple, thing…

If you sell it, buy ART! Look for #trolls, and support them!

50% of all sales will go to support others who Troll...will you do the same?

Post with #trolllove or #teztroll #trollfun

Coming soon: #ethtroll

You can use any of mine as a start, or create your own, whatever you choose...

I have so many more to go, they are so much fun, going down the rabbit hole…

Mint on your Objkt or any other platform

Just use tag "troll"

Or copy/edit mine for consistency

You can create as many or few attributes as you like

If we all attribute similarly they should be easier to search, however…

Then just use any combination of #troll #teztrolls #trolllove #ethtrolls or #trollfun in socials

I am using half of my proceeds to buy more art, starting with anyone who participates

Your art, your money, your choice - no enrollment, no investment, no tokens, no bureaucracy - just grass roots effort

Trying to get some motivation out there, get many people working together, but highlighting different styles and interpretations

Even if you insert one into a picture with your doggo, whatever works! Have fun!

This Troll Army will be built by all of us! Mine are just a catalyst - everyone has a little Troll in them...

I hope that some of you will join me! Send me pics, links, etc, and I will post here as well! 


What is the meaning of the original 3 mints being a 30 day Open Edition? Only one way to find out…hint: more may be better…

Why 1/1 versus limited editions or 5, or 10, for example? Only one way to find out…

Remember, this is about an informal way to spread art, cheer, visibility and income. Trolls are a supportive community…

My collection link:

Where is Yours?